Calligraphy is an art of Beautiful Writing made with the Handwriting is one where we generally write to communicate by using ink pen. Calligraphy is made by using different nibs which are generally flat and oblique. Calligraphy helps to make schools projects creative.

The word calligraphy literally mean beautiful Writing. Calligraphy ascends to the ancient traditions of writing manuscripts. The art of calligraphy is told about in many essays, books and sayings. “It is the most private, inner and spontaneous form of expression, - says German Zapf, a German calligrapher, - as fingerprints or voice it is unique for every separate person”. Calligraphic world is wonderfully large and diverse. We tried to touch upon the most interesting aspects of this type of art in section LIBRARY. In section WRITING we will learn about this art as well as communicative writing devices: graphics, alphabet.